We can provide you with a FREE desktop appraisal of your new 2017 Rateable Value. This will include a five year projection of the savings that will result from a successful appeal, where we believe an appeal would be successful.



The Tenant Advisory Group can help you to resolve disputes over service charges. We can review service charge budgets and reconciliations and can even help you to recover over-payments going back several years. 


A break option is a powerful tool. It might allow you to re-gear your lease or hand back space that is surplus to your needs. It might even result in your Landlord paying you to remain in the property.


If your lease is nearing its expiry date and you wish to remain in your existing premises, it might well be time for you to be pro-active with your Landlord before it is too late.



The Rent Review provisions of commercial property leases are usually open to wide ranging interpretation. It is therefore important to take professional advice to ensure that any increases in rent are kept to an absolute minimum. 


We will ensure that property which is surplus to your needs is disposed quickly and cost-effectively, whether it is through lease assignment, sub-letting or lease surrender.



It is worth remembering that when you vacate a leasehold property, your liabilities do not necessarily end there. It is likely that your lease will require you to meet certain repairing, decoration, statutory and re-instatement obligations before you leave.