We will ensure that property which is surplus to your needs is disposed of as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible, whether it is through lease assignment, sub-letting or lease surrender.

The Process

We will assess the feasibility of securing a lease assignment or a sub-letting and compare this to the likely cost of surrendering the lease back to your Landlord.

We will then recommend the most effective disposal strategy for your property and provide you with a fully costed proposal.

Lease Assignment and Sub-letting

The capabilities of letting agents varies by sector and location. We will use our extensive network of contacts within the property industry to identify the disposal agent that is the “best-in-class”. TAG will then manage the disposal process as your Transaction Manager ensuring that the disposal is effected as quickly and as cost effectively as possible.

Lease Surrender

TAG has the experience and capabilities to minimise the cost of negotiating a lease surrender. We start by quantifying the full extent of your liabilities up until your lease expiry or earliest break option. We will then use our knowledge of the market to negotiate a favourable outcome for you.