Since we were established in 2009 we have acquired commercial, retail and industrial property throughout the United Kingdom for clients ranging from small start ups to multi-national corporations. 

In every case, we have managed to exceed our clients’ expectations because our conflict free status has given us the freedom to identify opportunities and negotiate terms that have responded primarily to the needs of our clients’ business rather than the needs of the property market.

What else makes our search and acquisition service different?

One of our key differentiators is our fees. These are financed by the savings we generate so our service is self-funding.

Another important aspect of being conflict free is that we can source not only landlord space but surplus tenant space as well.

The reason it is worth knowing about tenant space is that it is generally cheaper to rent and less expensive to fit out than landlord space. Interestingly, it is also often available on far more flexible lease terms than landlord space making it particularly attractive to high growth companies or to those with relatively short term requirements.

What our service includes

·      Helping you to define your requirements

·      Generating a timeline for each critical step in your relocation

·      Conducting a search that captures every property matching your requirements

·      Organising tours of inspection with your key decision makers

·      Producing detailed viewing itineraries and cost analyses

·      Providing advice to help you arrive at a shortlist of viable options

·      Positioning you in the market so you can maximise your leverage with landlords  

·      Negotiating detailed heads of terms on your preferred option

·      Co-ordinating due diligence investigations

·      Liaising with your legal adviser through to completion