We believe conflicts of interest are bad for your business.

Landlords want rents to rise. They also want leases to remain inflexible.

Tenants want the opposite. This is why surveyors that advise both landlords and tenants have an inherent conflict of interest. Of course, some are better than others at managing this. However, in our experience, very few are effective tenant advocates.

So when we set up our firm, we decided to avoid these conflicts of interest altogether by choosing to act exclusively for tenants.

How does our conflict free status benefit you?

Being conflict free gives us the freedom to unlock opportunities and deliver value in ways that other advisers find difficult due to the commercial pressures they operate under.

For example, our property searches are not influenced by loyalty towards a particular landlord or the promise of a future letting instruction. Nor are the terms we negotiate affected by the impact they might have on neighbouring investment values or local market rents. These are real life examples of how conflicts of interest undermine value for the tenant.

So whether you are looking to acquire additional space in your existing property or relocate to a new building, we can identify and acquire property on terms that satisfy your needs and no one else’s.  

For more information, please call a member of the TAG team on 0161 457 1422 or email us at info@tenantag.co.uk.